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Our Strategic Partners

HITCO Aerostructures Programs

 • Boeing 767 Flap Track Fairings

 • Boeing C17 Globemaster Tailcone

 • Boeing C17 Globemaster Vapor Barrier

 • Boeing 787 Doors Components & Tailored Edge Frames

 • Boeing 787 Floor Beams, horizontal fixed trailing edge, door    surrounds, and shear ties

 • F-35 JSF Wing Skins & Nacelle Skins

 • F-22 Inlet Lip & Offloads

 • Joint Strike Fighter Wing Skins

 • Nacelle Structure

 • KC767 Inlet Ducts

 • 688 Sub Baffles, Tip Seals and Masts

 • Rocket Motor Nozzles

       o Delta II, III & IV Nozzle Assemblies

       o Atlas V Nozzle
      o Arrow & THAAD BMD Nozzles

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